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ED affects men regardless of age or background and for a multitude of reasons. IF you are one of the millions of men struggling with ED, you are not alone! Erectile dysfunction is treatable through acoustic wave therapy, with most men returning to a normal, healthy sex life.

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At Lion Health Group we offer state-of-the-art technology to treat ED at the root cause. We treat our patients with respect and use discretion while providing a world-class experience in Dallas, Texas.

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Research published independently has proven that the Primewave Protocol is extremely safe and very effective no matter the cause. About 86% of men who undergo our treatment recommend it to their friends and family.

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The treatment we use for erectile dysfunction is harmless and non-invasive.  The Primewave Protocol uses pulse waves to strengthen penile blood flow and boost sexual performance.


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Our team specializes in treating erectile dysfunction with Primewave Acoustic Wave Therapy Protocol and is proud to be one of the only medical practices that use the most innovative technology, Primewave Acoustic Wave Therapy Protocol.

Lion Health Group gives their patients the confidence they lost by offering solutions that reverse the harm brought on by erectile dysfunction. The practice only concentrates on solutions for male enhancement and erectile dysfunction that are SURGERY-FREE, MINIMAL DISCOMFORT, NEEDLE-FREE, and PILL-FREE.

We understand how hard it is for men to address the problem and so we treat each patient with sincere care, and we provide privacy while rebuilding erectile function. You wont find another clinic in the area that uses the cutting edge Primewave Protocol. The treatment invigorates nerve endings and widens the blood vessels in the penis, restores sexual function and sensation back to its prime performance.

Our team would love to meet you to learn about your journey with erectile dysfunction and share how our Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) Protocol can restore your sexual performance. Call or book an appointment online today!

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If you are living with erectile dysfunction (ED), you are not the only one. About one in four men who are 55 or over suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction.


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